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Adam Harringtonfrontend web developer

I’m Adam Harrington and I am a web developer with full-stack experience and a front-end focus. Currently I’m working with Swrve on their dashboard application as a frontend software engineer. Previously I headed technology for Uplift, Ireland’s social justice campaigning and petitions platform.

I’m not currently looking for new opportunities but am always keen to hear about upcoming projects in areas that interest me.

I’m interested in cutting edge frontend technologies. I’m working with React, Redux & ImmutableJS but I’m also really interested in visual projects with D3 and similar.

If you are a recruiter, please only contact me by email.

Recent Work


Software engineer (front-end) Swrve

March 2016 - Present

Swrve are a mobile marketing and engagement platform that delivers targeted brand engagement for huge brands including Ryanair, Happn, Sony & Activision.

As a frontend software engineer I mainly work on the dashboard application with and primarily work with:

  • Ruby 2.2 & Rails 4
  • React / Redux
  • EmberJS

Technology Coordinator at Uplift

2015 - 2016

Uplift is a social justice and campaigning startup and petitions platform. As technology lead I was responsible for building a roadmap and as the on-staff developer I delivered:

  • A custom payment (donations) system on Stripe
  • Many UI-driven campaign &lquo;stories&rquot;
  • A constituency-by-constituency candidate comparrison tool

MSc Web Technologies - National College of Ireland

2013 - 2014

I achieved first class honours in a demanding masters programme. I studied:

  • Advanced client-side applications with frameworks like Angular and Ember
  • Server-side app developent including Rails & .Net
  • Cloud provisioning and continual deployment

I investigated the real-world efficiency of modern CSS usage by building a NodeJS based webcrawler and DOM based css usage evaluating framework.

Web design and development contracts (Canada)

2010 - 2013

I worked on a variety of projects mainly using Wordpress and Javascript including custom plugins and themes.

Selected Work

Here are a few of my recent projects

Most are web applications and websites but there's also a few plugins or components and a research paper.

These projects represent work in a number of different disciplines:

  • NodeJS programming and academic web-standards research (see Node CSS-Crawl)
  • Concept development and user experience design (see Spoken4)

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